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Wayne’s Memorial Service


My father’s memorial service was really beautiful. I think the day went the best it possibly could have. It was very long and exhausting for the family, but we felt so much love and peace. We spent the whole week preparing for the service and luckily all of us children were able to get the week off from work and spend it together. We felt so many emotions and the grief hit us all so hard. It was a tough week, but we were glad we were together. This article really validated our feelings and emotions and continues to give us comfort (click here).

At the church where we held the funeral, we put up tables with mementos and pictures from my father’s life. We also put together a ‘Candy Bar’ with all of my dad’s favorite sweets. He asked us repeatedly to have this and to make the memorial happy and sweet for those that attended. We used his favorite color, orange, and a checkered pattern since his favorite shoes were his white and black checkered vans.


The viewing was very special for us; it was so nice to see so many people come through to say goodbye to our father and give their love to our mother. My brothers and sisters stood by my mother, uncles and grandfather as dozens of family and friends talked with us and cried with us. So many people came that we had to turn them away in order to end the viewing after two hours and close the casket with a family prayer.


After we said our goodbyes, we followed the casket to the chapel where we sat together in the reserved seating area at the front. The chapel was full and overflowing, which was heart warming to see.

Here is a copy of the outline of the memorial program.


At our father’s request, all of his children participated in the program. It was actually a good closure for us, I think. We spent the week thinking about what we would say and at least for me, once I wrote it all down, I felt much better. We tried to paint a picture of the wonderful father, spiritual leader, worker, husband and man that he was.

After the prayer, we again followed the casket outside and were driven to the cemetery in a family limo. The pallbearers were made up of Wayne’s brothers(2), sons(3) and nephews(3).



The cemetery service was short and sweet, but a little painful. Its just so unbelievable to know that our dad is in that casket and is gone from this life. At the grave, my grandfather gave a prayer, dedicating and blessing the gravesite from any harm. It felt so wonderful to be surrounded by so many people that loved him and felt the sorrow of his loss along with us. We sang “God Be With You ‘Til We Meet Again”, which is always so comforting.

Everything was so beautiful and we all really loved the casket we found for his body. It was made of cedar and we think it was exactly his style and what he would have chosen. My brothers and great uncle added to it a few of the wood projects my dad was working on and on the sides are pieces of cedar that he and his father had recently cut together. It was perfect.


We stood by the casket one last time together and then everyone took roses from the spray to keep.

3 4 IMG_6039 5 

We returned to the church for a dinner, provided by our father’s employer- Nicholas & Company. We were so honored and blessed to have them cater the meal for all our family and friends. They treated my dad so well and are the best of the best! We had such a nice time being able to finally chat with all our friends and family that had come from near and far. It was a happy end to the day and we are so grateful to all that came to support us.



We have received so much service and truly have felt an outpouring of love. My parent’s church congregation and neighborhood has been incredibly kind and giving. They lined the neighborhood with orange balloons on the day of the funeral among so many other things that have meant so much. We cannot count all the amazing things people have done and please know we truly appreciate every note, message, flower, meal and visit. Thank you!

God be with you ‘til we meet again~


Valentine’s Love


I have so much love for Valentine’s Day and this year it definitely loved me back! Scott knows this is one of my favorite days and he always goes the extra mile to make it great for me.

Vivi and I started the morning off with her cute new outfit from Grandma Julie! My mom is the best and gave each of us thoughtful Valentine’s! I also made little cookie flowers for everyone at the office and Vivi & I spread some love at work. Scott had flowers and chocolate covered strawberries (amazing!) delivered to us! I also found an oversized (it’s tradition) card from him in my car when I left for work that morning. I loved that Valentine’s Day was actually on a FRIDAY! So, we got to leave work a couple hours early and relax a little before our date that night.

Scott told me to dress up and be ready to leave the house by 5:30! So, of course I was ready by about 6:15 and we headed to Lehi to drop Vivi off with my sisters who agreed to watch her for us.

Based on my dad’s recommendation, Scott chose Faustina in downtown Salt Lake for dinner. It was the perfect choice!


As we walked in, the hostess handed me a beautiful long stem red rose and took us to our private table. The ambience there was so nice and quiet, it was set up so romantic and perfect for Valentine’s Day! I much prefer this setting for a date than a busy, crowded restaurant! There was a Prex Fixe Menu for the holiday and we had a few options for each course. I had never been to a real multi-course dinner before, and it was awesome! Here a few of our delicious courses:

Sautéed Shrimp:


Pear and Spinach Salad with Fried Goat Cheese:


Vegetable Stuffed Portabella Mushroom:


After dinner we took a trip to Trader Joes (my fave! and it was right in the neighborhood) and stocked up on some delicious goods. Afterwards Scott had a few more fun surprises for me: we drove to a pretty lookout point and he busted out some fake champagne and a little cake! I love cake! Especially when I don’t have to make it (which is rare!). He is so sweet and it was just a perfect night.~


I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, thoughtful, patient husband. He is the best Valentine and I often take him for granted throughout our daily lives; which is why I think Valentine’s Day is so important!

I hope you all had a LOVELY day!


ChrisTina’s Wedding!


On December 27th my brother Chris and his wife Tina got married!

We all stayed at a hotel in downtown Salt Lake the night before in order to make it to the early wedding at the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. We got all dressed up in our blues, yellows and greys for the wedding theme and tip-toed out the door. It was a chilly morning and we left our sleeping babies while Mandy graciously stayed behind to watch 5 kids! She’s the best!

The ceremony was beautiful and it is always so amazing to see so many family members inside the temple together. It is the perfect place to be together and just feels great to be surrounded by so many special people. I wish all of our family could be there and feel the joy that the temple brings! I was happily surprised to see my cousin Jeff and his wife Kendy there! They just moved to Utah from Florida. It was also my first time meeting and seeing most of Tina’s family, which was nice.

Afterwards Scott and I rushed back to the hotel to relieve Mandy {by now all 5 kids were awake and hungry or restless…did I mention there were 2 babies? Sorry manny!} and get Vivi dressed for pictures. We made it back in time for a few family photos at the temple, but that’s all anyone could really handle since it was freezing! Poor Tina and Chris endured a lot more pictures in the cold. But they looked hot and were happy, so it made up for it! Haha, right Tina?? :)

We had a really nice luncheon at my parent’s church in Lehi and had time to chat with everyone and relax a little before the reception prep.

The reception was held in Lindon at a really pretty venue and we had a ton of help decorating which made it really easy! Everything looked great and the food tasted amazing! A couple of our good friends, Megan and Jen worked so hard prepping and serving the food all night so that we could all mingle and have fun.


The Hot Cocoa bar was a hit and so dang yummy along with all the homemade cookies! My aunt Cindi made the beautiful wedding cake and I made the little cupcakes.

19 e

It was such a fun night and the reception went off without a hitch! So many people worked hard to make this happen and it was definitely worth it! Chris and Tina seemed to have a great time and they looked amazing! We are so happy that Tina is a part of our family now and she fits right in! She is a great match for Chris and I’m so glad he has found someone to be his eternal partner and love.

Congrats ChrisTina!!



A Visit with the Schlegels


Last month Scott’s parents came to visit us and to meet our sweet Vivi. Scott’s mom was on Spring Break at work so we got to have them here for an entire week! It was the first time they had been able to visit us since we moved to Utah, so needless to say we were really excited. Right when they arrived Scott showed them around his school (UVU) and his work and then they got to meet Vivi!

Of course, they fell in love immediately and love everything about her. How could they not, right? ;) Vivi is their eighth grandchild and only the second granddaughter. Luckily Scott’s older brother and his wife are having a baby girl soon as well! We need some more Schlegel ladies!

My parents hosted Sally and Dean while they were in Utah, which was so nice. We were able to hang out there often and then at our apartment as well. We went shopping, out to eat and visited some fun places while they were here, but mostly we just adored our baby Vivi. We also got to visit with Dean’s sister and her husband at their home in Provo. It was my first time meeting them and I loved it~ they are great people and I hope we can see them again soon since they are so close.

On the night before Scott’s parents left, we drove to Centerville where we got to see a lot of the family on Sally’s side. She has 6 sisters and 4 of them were there! I loved that they all got to meet Vivi and although she wasn’t in the greatest mood they all fell in love with her as well. Here she is with Grandpa and her Great Aunt Janice:


Below on the left is her Great Uncle Arlan, who lives with Sally and Dean and drove them to Utah. He has a grandbaby on the way as well, who we can’t wait to meet!


Above is a group photo of Aunt Norma Jean, Sally, Sally’s cousin & his wife, Arlan, Aunt Star and Aunt Sue. Star (pictured below) gave us a bunch of adorable clothes for Vivi & was also kind enough to host the party that night. We had a great time and got to meet a few new people as well. 


It was so nice to have Scott’s parents with us for a little while. Now it is our turn to visit them in Seattle (we are hoping to plan a trip in August when our niece Macy gets baptized)!


10 Weeks

Our adorable baby girl is 10 weeks old!

Scott thinks it has gone by quickly, and in some ways it has, but mostly I feel like I’ve definitely experienced those 10 weeks to the fullest (in pretty much every way)! I was talking to my cousin Laura yesterday about the first weeks of a baby’s life and I decided that no one really tells you how truly hard it is! I’m not sure you can ever be fully prepared to be a new mom, but I will admit that I definitely wasn’t! I knew there would be late nights and days without sleep, but you don’t really understand what that means until you are the one not getting any sleep! For awhile I dreaded nighttime, wishing I wouldn’t have to be the only one awake with Vivi during the night, although I loved the time I got to spend with her.

I have wondered why a lot of people don’t talk about the hard parts of being a mom, but I’m guessing its because we love it so much and just want to focus on the joy. But I’m just gunna say that the first 6 weeks were pretty rough for me! I know that having a C-Section made it so much worse because my recovery and pain was holding me back from being the best version of myself. I hope and pray that I won’t have to go through that again; I much prefer a vaginal birth! I would honestly take the labor pains over the incision pains that last so much longer. ~And once you run out of the good pain meds, they don’t give you any more! Haha~ It just feels like you are never going to recover because you don’t get any sleep! But thankfully I had so much help during the first few weeks from my mom and family. I stayed at my mom’s house for a week and she took great care of me, for which I feel like I will never be able to repay her.

Nursing also took its toll for quite awhile. I experienced the cracked soreness and wanted to cry every time I saw blood in my baby’s mouth. Unfortunately my sores turned into Mastitis and then into Thrush. Doctor trip after prescription after checkup made me think I couldn’t do it anymore. Hormones of course don’t help either. During the first few weeks my poor husband had to deal with my nightly crying and thankfully his encouraging and comforting words always helped me make it through another night. Finally, I am pain free when I nurse, but it honestly took about 9 weeks until we got to that point. I am so grateful I pushed through though; Vivi loves her momma’s milk and is growing strong and chubby!

I have loved every second with my sweet girl and she is basically all I think about. I’ve loved watching her change since the day she was born and see how much she is learning. She is so sweet and happy and has brought me so much joy. I want to hold her and play with her all the time and I do, as often as possible. The main piece of advice I received from other mom’s was to hold her and cherish every minute and not to worry about anything else. So, during my entire maternity leave I did just that. We spent some days out with family or friends, but mostly it was just me and her, sleeping in together, dressing up and then hanging out all day looking cute (her, not me) until daddy came home from work.

I will repeat what countless mothers have told me; it gets much easier after the first 6 weeks! And even more so after 8 weeks. Right now I feel very in control and super happy. I now know what to expect from my sweet girl and how to help and soothe her. I don’t worry about sleep as much and consequently let Vivi sleep with me every night. We are on a great schedule now and she will usually sleep for at least 6 hours at a time! Since I’ve gone back to work and gotten to bring her with me 3 days a week I feel so much better. I love the interaction and work I get from my job and it is a very positive environment. And it doesn’t hurt that everyone loves Vivi and thinks she is the cutest!

I have to share our fun little blowout we experienced today:


Of course we’ve experienced quite a few blowouts by now, but this was the first one at work. Luckily I had her on a plastic changing mat, because as I was trying to take off her shirt without getting pooh in her hair, she decided to pee. There was my baby girl lying in her own waste, in my office. Lovely.


But, after a dozen wipes later, a quick rinse in the kitchen sink and a new outfit, she was good as new!


I love my sweet girl and clearly will do pretty much anything for her! ;-)


2 Month Stats: (as of 5/14/13)

Weight: 12 lbs 3 oz (81%)

Height: 24 inches (94%)

Head Circ: 38 cm (31%)


Vivienne’s Blessing Day


We blessed our sweet Vivi on April14th at my grandparent’s clubhouse. We invited family and some close friends and it was such a special night. Scott’s parents and uncle came all the way from Seattle and we loved having them there.

Until I moved to Utah I had never heard of people blessing their babies outside of church, but we found out that you can and it worked out much better than having everyone meet at our 8:30am sacrament meeting! One of the counselors in our ward’s bishopric attended and conducted for us. Scott gave Vivienne such a sweet father’s blessing. He blessed her to have joy in this life and to rely on her Heavenly Father. He told her how much we loved her and how wonderful her life would be. Scott invited his father, my father and grandfathers and Chris into the circle (Unfortunately none of Scott’s grandparents are living and neither of his brothers were able to be there).

After the blessing, we took some pictures and enjoyed all the desserts. It was so fun to see everyone and I am so grateful to everyone that came to show their support and love.


Our 4 generation picture: Me, Vivi, my grandma and mother.


Here we are with Scott’s parents~


It was a great night!


Vivienne’s Birth

Well, as you probably all know by now, our sweet baby girl is here!

On March 12th, Scott and I arrived at the Timpanogos Regional Hospital at 5:35 am (we were 5 minutes late, which probably annoyed a couple nurses, but c’mon, it was 5 am!). I immediately had to disrobe, put on my fancy hospital gown and have my blood drawn and an IV started. They needed to find out my blood type in order to give the blood bank enough notice before my surgery, in case I needed it. IV’s are so much fun (note the bloody bed).


Nurses came in and out for a couple hours, asking questions and getting forms signed. The photo below is taken about 20 minutes before I was wheeled to the OR (Operating Room). It felt so strange to know that my little girl would be here within a few minutes. And without any contractions! It didn’t feel right and was hard to believe it was happening. Scott asked if I was nervous and I wasn’t really, mostly because I didn’t have any idea what it would be like. I was just hoping and praying everything would go smoothly and that my baby would arrive safely.


The anesthesiologist came in and talked to me about what he would do in the OR and how everything would work. Scott waited in the prep room while I was wheeled to the OR. It was really cold as we entered and I laid on the flat table, ready to be prepped. By then, everything started happening really quickly. I was given some sort of relaxer through my IV, and then the anesthesiologist started giving me the spinal. ‘A little pressure’ was an understatement and I hated it. Ugh, it felt like the epidural felt when I was in labor with Ella. Avoid it if you can!

From then on, things moved even quicker. My midwife, the surgeon, and nurses filled the room as my body began to numb. I was washed and pricked and moved around (insert catheter while I cry a little inside) as they rushed to get ready for the incision to be cut. If I didn’t have the anesthesiologist there to help comfort me, I might have panicked. I wasn’t sure if I was really numb, so I had the anesthesiologist do a ‘wet test’ with a wipe. But I was, I guess. Scott was finally able to come in and held my anxious hand.

They cut me open and again, ‘a little pressure’ meant a lot & they were pushing my body and pulling to get my baby out. I have no idea how long it took, it felt like forever and yet like no time at all. I hated feeling like this, having no control. The anesthesiologist told Scott and I what was happening. Scott had decided beforehand that he wasn’t going to watch, but as they were pulling her out, the anesthesiologist convinced him to look and I think Scott was glad he did. You’ll have to ask him what that was like; I was trying not to think about it.

I heard people say that she was out; she was here! I waited until I heard a cry. There it was! My baby was here and alive! I asked Scott if she had hair. He said yes, lots. I wished I could see her. He left to go be with her and luckily the anesthesiologist was there to help me get through the rest of the process. I started feeling panicked and that I couldn’t breathe easily. He gave me something to help and it did after a few minutes. While they were closing me up, they brought Vivienne over to lay on my chest and neck. They were hoping this would help her color. I felt her skin and chubbiness against me and soaked in her breaths. She was so sweet and I wished I could wrap my arms around her. After a couple minutes they took her to the nursery because she wasn’t ‘pinking’ up.


Once I was closed and the surgery complete, I was hefted back on my bed and wheeled to the recovery room. My mom and sisters were waiting there, I think. After this, things were a blur for awhile. Vivi was in the nursery for a couple hours while she was on oxygen and monitored.  The whole surgery felt very traumatic for me and I was exhausted. I tried to relax and was in and out of sleep. Apparently I said a few strange things as well as “was it a girl or boy?” (although to be fair, no one ever confirmed that Vivi was a girl at this point!).

Finally I got to see my sweet girl and hold her and love on her. She was so little and precious. Vivi was born at 7:59 am, was 20 inches long and 8 pounds 2 ounces (according to the OR scale, which all the nurses agreed was a little off and we really think she was around 7lbs 10 oz.).


They took her back to the nursery to be bathed and monitored again. Scott went with her and luckily documented it for me. Meanwhile I was wheeled to my post partum room and set up with my new nurse. At some point the surgeon and my midwife came in to tell me that all went well. The surgeon told me that I have a heart shaped uterus. This makes me very prone to breech babies. If they don’t turn before they are a certain size, there isn’t enough room to turn while inside my uterus. This helps explain why the version to turn her didn’t work and all the natural methods I tried as well. I hope I can somehow avoid another C-Section in the future!


When Vivi finally got to come to my room, I fed her for the first time and she actually latched on and although a bit painful, nursing was a success! We had some precious skin to skin time as well. Even though her birth was not natural or didn’t go according to my plans, it was still such a miracle. Holding her sweet, healthy body in my arms was so amazing and precious. It is so overwhelming to think that she grew inside of me and is just so perfect! God is truly a God of miracles and every single life is evidence of that.


We spent another four long, very painful days in the hospital as I recovered and Vivi did as well. Scott was a great daddy and hubby, taking care of us all day and night. I was so grateful when I was finally able to get up and walk around, although it hurt! It was hard to not be able to get up and take care of my baby girl. It was an emotional, trying week, but I loved every second that I got to spend with Vivi. We slept together and learned about nursing together and became a little family.


We love our sweet baby girl {and I am so happy to not be pregnant anymore…}! It is so amazing to have her here with us and sometimes I just can’t believe she is ours forever. We are so blessed to have her in our family.


Glimpses of Valentine’s Day 2013


This year I made our favorite Valentine Oatmeal Cut-Out Cookies for Scott and my co-workers; decorated with cinnamon lips and cute little hearts (found in bulk at Winco). I made the shortbread ‘flower’ bouquet last week {It is a long time family tradition that my mom always made while we were growing up}. I also made these little chocolate Kiss cookies. They didn’t turn out as good as I hoped, but the dough was yummy!

After work, I got to  open this little envelope that Scott had left for me that morning.


I sighed as I opened it and read the Scavenger Hunt words, hoping I wouldn’t have to drive around or do too much (8 months pregnant much?). But as I found all the clues, I was smiling ear to ear and loved all the cute little things he said. I can’t believe he made everything up on his own. It sounded to official!


After about 20 minutes, I found my prize in our mailbox. I have to say, Scott did great at giving me 'good’ chocolates! It was super fun and I love him for putting in the effort to surprise me.


He came home once I was done and we got a takeout pizza from Brick Oven (my surprise for Scott). Instead of a home cooked, candlelight dinner, all he wanted was a Napoli Pizza! I was happy to oblige. :-)

We spent the rest of the night together, watching a cute love story on Netflix (The Giant Mechanical Man), enjoying our cake (so good!) and cuddling. I love my hubby and am so glad I get to be his valentine.