That is my New Year's Resolution in a word: Simplify.

Why just one word? Because it's simple! ;) but truly it is because it is easy to focus on and apply to all situations. I struggle with trying to overdo things in my life. I do too much and give more than I can often. I love to give and want things to be perfect and special all the time. But, simplicity makes things special in a sweeter way. So, that's why I haven't been blogging lately. I'm simplifying.

I'm focusing on doing all that I can to get a sweet little smile from my baby girl and snuggle her when she needs me. I'm focusing on the joy and romance a date night can give my husband and I. I'm doing my best to be healthier, inside and out. I'm cleaning out the anger, annoyance and frustration, as often as I can. I'm trying to see the good and not the bad. Stress is the opposite of simplicity, this year.

I'm simplifying my job by focusing on people instead of tasks. People are my business and good relationships bring good business. I recently went to an intensive training class for work that changed my training and interactive outlook almost completely. I came back re-energized and put on a successful two day training of my own. I feel motivated and centered there, which is a contrast to recent months that were overwhelming, emotional and sometimes exhausting whirlwinds.

Someday I will update our blog and tell you about the wonderful holidays we had with family and friends, but not today. Tonight I'm going to squeeze my baby girl that just woke up from her nap and watch a movie with my man.

Happy New Year!

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