13 for Thursday

1. Vivienne loves her Aunt Mandy! Don’t get me wrong, she loves all her aunties, but she is really in love with Mandy lately. If she is in the room, she needs her attention! Sometimes Mandy comes to visit us at our house and Vivi loves it.


2. Every Sunday night we clip Vivi’s fingernails. She is so sweet about it and lets me do it without a fight. It’s the little things. ;)


3. Vivi is now a crawler! She began crawling legit this week. She has been trying for awhile and couldn’t seem to keep one of her legs down. But now she is on the go!


4. I am loving Brussels' Sprouts lately. Scott is so happy about this! {…not really}   But, I have found a few ways to cook them that he actually likes! This recipe and also the dish below that I’ve made a few times. Chopped Brussels, edamame, carrots, chicken chunks, turkey bacon, all sautéed in some Thai dipping sauce from Trader Joes along with Tahini and a little coconut oil. Super yummy!


5. Jake & Andrea asked me to make Covey’s 1st Birthday cake! I made a 3 tiered one and it was so fun to go to his birthday party. He’s the cutest!


6. Tiff and I got to go see PINK last week! It was my first night away without a baby or hubby and we had a great time! Scott put Vivi to sleep and everything. He sent me pictures of them throughout the night and it made my heart melt. {I only wish those pink highlights were permanent…}


7. PINK was awesome! She is truly inspiring~ Her show was full of acrobatics and lifts and amazing dancing and just pretty epic. She can do it all! I left feeling amazed and inspired by the human spirit and the desire to improve and exceed expectations.  Her show is shown really well in this video.


8. We got together with my coworker Jackson and his family to watch the NFC Championship between the 49ers & Seahawks. We had some great food and great company. It was a good game and both teams played great…luckily Seahawks pulled it off!


9. I made victory cupcakes for the office the day after the win and everyone loved them. Almost all the guys at work are Niners fans, but they happily ate a cupcake (or two or three). Their question: what do we get if they win the Superbowl?!


10. Vivi gives the best kisses lately! This is her pucker up face.


11. We love hangin’ out with Grandpa and Grandma! Vivi loves her 2 days a week at grandma’s house and loves cuddling with Grandpa!

photo 2 

12. Scott doesn’t know that I took this picture, but I love it! He is folding Vivi’s laundry and is such a good daddy. Being a working momma keeps me busy, so I need lots of help at home and he is great about helping where he can.

photo 3

13. We are so excited for the Superbowl!!!


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