Hot Water Beach


Hot water beach is on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, which is decidedly my favorite part of New Zealand. On a sunny morning, Ailia, Leilani (Ailia’s sister), their friend Leka and I hopped in the car for a beautiful ride through the Waikato Region. Coromandel Peninsula is about 175 kilometers from Auckland. We had to stop a couple times to avoid getting sick on the ride there because the road had so many turns and curves, driving over and around the mountains.

It was a prefect day for the beach with very few tourists. At hot water beach you can dig a hole into the sand at low tide to find ‘hot water’. The water comes from underground hot springs.


Ailia and I relaxed on the beach and took a swim while Leilani and Leka got to work digging our hot water pool! We brought a little shovel and bucket, which was definitely needed. They finally hit water, but it was way too warm to sit in! It was steaming and we only touched it with our toes and decided it was too hot.


We checked out other people’s pools and some people were sitting in them for hours, just relaxing and soaking in the thermal water. It was pretty awesome.


We stayed for a couple hours before we headed to lunch and on to another beach!

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