Hamilton New Zealand Temple


Ailia and I spent an afternoon in the beautiful Hamilton LDS Temple. Hamilton is about a 1.5 hour drive from Auckland but is well worth it. It is located on a hill outside the city of Hamilton on a huge plot of land owned by the church. There are about 85 acres total and the Church College of New Zealand is there. The college was a boarding high school that recently closed in 2009. Now the college is used for conferences and events and you can also rent out rooms when you come to do temple work.



The temple president and his wife live directly behind the temple in this pretty home.



There is a Visitor’s Center across from the temple where you can watch church videos and talk to missionaries about the temple. Inside is a beautiful Christus Statue.


During the month of December, the temple grounds are covered with beautiful lights. We came back later on in the day to look at them. There were hundreds of people there to see them. Not many people decorate their homes with Christmas lights in New Zealand, so people come from all over the island to see the lights.


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