Tawharanui Beach


On a beautiful morning, we left Ailia’s home in Auckland and drove north for about 80 miles to Tawharanui Regional Park (pronounced ta-fah-rah-new-e).

This park is beautiful and contains many of the protected animals and birds of New Zealand. We drove through and open field of all these cute little lambs. There is a cattle guard preventing them from going to the beach, which is right around the corner below.



And here is the beach! IMG_9991


It was a low tide while we were there, so we were able to climb up on this big rock and explore.



I found this big hole about 5 feet deep full of warm water and lots of ocean life inside. So of course, I got in.



It was a very nice, relaxing afternoon with my girl. We slept on the beach, walked the shore, and soaked up the sun for a few hours. On the way home, we stopped for dinner at a cute little town called “Warkworth” where Ailia accidently locked the keys in the car. We had fun exploring, asking some local teenage boys for help and then waiting for roadside service. It didn’t help that all the stores in that town close at 5pm. But, we made it home and it made for a good adventure.


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