Cathedral Cove


Visiting Cathedral Cove was easily part of my favorite day in New Zealand. It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day and the sights were breathtaking. We went there right after visiting Hot Water Beach.

Cathedral Cove is only accessible on foot or by boat. There is a 45 minute hike that starts at Hahei Beach (also beautiful & where we stopped for lunch). Honestly, the hike was pretty dang hard for me, being 6 months pregnant and all. Normally, I think it would have been much simpler, but still great exercise. There are stairs and hills and you’re going up and down. It is a gorgeous hike and every once in awhile the bush opens up to views like the ones above and below.



The hike alone is an awesome experience, and then you get to Cathedral Cove and the views are even more amazing.



This place is so awesome and part of the 2nd Narnia movie was actually filmed here.  Quite a few tourists were there and you could hear all different languages. Luckily, our friend Leka was there and he talked to everyone and found out where they were from. Seriously, everyone. If we couldn’t find him, he was always behind us caught up in talking to someone from England or Switzerland or something. While we were on the trail, he asked everyone we passed where they were from and that made it so fun.  So many different accents! I’d say most people seemed to be from Europe and a good handful were American as well.


We stayed and swam and laid on the beach, soaking up the rays. There were a group of kayakers that came ashore who were on a tour. I think if I ever get to go to New Zealand again, I will take a kayak tour of Hahei and Cathedral Cove. There are so many unbelievable views.



I had an amazing time just taking in all the scenery and sitting on the sand letting the refreshing water surround me. It was a great experience, I just wish I had my sweet husband sitting next to me enjoying it as well!

After a couple hours we headed back onto the trail and Leka had us try and figure out riddles all the way back to the car. We stopped for dinner once we got back to the city and when we finally got home I think I slept for like 20 hours. It was a tiring, but amazing, day for this pregnant lady!


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