UW Football Party

Yesterday we hosted a University of Washington Football party at our home. The Huskies were playing the Nebraska Cornhuskers for the 3rd time in the last 2 seasons and were both 1-1, so we decided a party was necessary. 



We invited about 10 people and had a great time preparing. We went to Home Depot and bought some astro-turf (you can buy it by the foot, however it is only sold in 12 foot wide dimensions. So we had a 12’ x 2.5’ piece and used only a small portion of it. Anyone need some turf??) I measured out the yard lines and spray painted them on. We bought dowels to make the field goals; Cut them to the right lengths, nailed them together, spray painted them and then we had 2 sweet field goal posts!


Here’s a closer look at the dessert table:



I made the desserts the night before. You can never go wrong with cupcakes and cake bites. Yummy. I found all the prepackaged treats at Smiths and Winco. The Grape Licorice was a hit!




For drinks, we bought Cream Soda and Grape Soda in bottles. I created the wrappers on the computer, glammed them up with some glitter and glued them together.




We already had these cute little helmets that are from a Washington themed checkerboard game.




And now for the real food; i.e. the MEAT. My husband came up with the ideas for most the food, and I found or created a recipe to make it happen. It was all really tasty, but the Grilled Cheese with Bacon Sandwiches were the biggest hit. I used white bread, cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese and 2 bacon slices per sandwich (we precooked the bacon).




Don’t you love the Washington Snack Helmet? We bought that here. It is great quality and we can use it over and over for years to come. Oh & we also bought the 2 cute drink jerseys there as well.




Although Washington lost to Nebraska in a tough game, we had a great time with all our friends and enjoyed everyone’s company and some delicious food! Hosting and planning parties is my new favorite thing!




Would you like to have a party with your friends and family? Shoot me an email and let’s plan one! janessaschlegel@hotmail.com

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  1. Wonderful ideas and decorations, Janessa! I'd love help planning Doug's 60th - it's next July but I should start thinking about it now.=)