Give Thanks


Ever since Halloween, I have been creating fall decor for my house and have been loving it. I didn’t have any Thanksgiving decorations for some reason and obviously that needed to be fixed!

A few free pumpkins, a trip to Michaels and a few nights of creating later, I was done. Scott is gone a lot lately and we only see each other for about an hour or two a night before we go to sleep; so this helped take up some of the time alone with Vivi. She loved sitting next to me painting pumpkins, spreading glitter around the house, or coloring while I worked. Any way, it was fun and I love how my house looks now. I need to have a Fall party or something!



This year for Thanksgiving we are headed to Seattle and I can’t wait! We will be with Scott’s family for a whole week and it will be so nice. I only have a handful of weeks of work left before I quit, but this last month or so has been pretty rough. I am ready to be done and somehow the 6 & 1/2 weeks I have left can’t go quick enough! Each day feels like forever; but being pregnant probably doesn’t help that either. I will miss it in some ways, but it will be so nice to simplify my life and focus on my family more.



Lately Scott and I feel so grateful for all that we have. Scott is so close to graduating and we have been so blessed while he’s been in school. Blessed that I could work and provide, blessed to have such a perfect little girl, blessed to have a warm, happy house and blessed to have another baby on the way. This chapter in our lives is ending soon and although it makes me a little anxious, I am grateful and know that God will provide for us as he always has.

 Happy November~


All Hallow’s Eve

We had a great Halloween this year! Luckily it fell on a Friday so I was working from home with Vivi. We went into the office for lunch with some of the guys at work. We had homemade chili and I made cornbread muffins for everyone. Pumpkin pie and dutch oven chocolate raspberry cake for dessert! This is a great group of guys {a few are missing} and I am really going to miss hanging out with them once I’m gone.

 1 3

Vivi’s old boyfriend Covey was there too! He was an adorable Spiderman and my boss spoiled them with lots of candy. We tried repeatedly to make them take a picture together, but most of the photos are of this: Vivi running away, hiding in and clinging to my skirt while Covey cries. Their love spark is out for the time being.



After Scott got home from work, we headed to my mom’s for the night. She lives in a great neighborhood, full of little trick or treaters and festive porches. The Halloween mood was set at my mom’s with delicious goods everywhere; homemade rootbeer, baked pumpkin seeds, chips and dips, baked goods and cider on the stove. I love that I got to grow up in my mom’s house; she makes holidays so special and fun.



We took Vivi trick or treating and it was so cute! She only went to like 6 houses, and everyone knew her and was so sweet. She held her little pail and grabbed candy from all the bowls, sometimes taking two handfuls at each door. She ran away making the sign for ‘thank you’ and sometimes gave a loud “BYE!”



My cousin Austin and his wife Lanae came by a little later with their cute {pumpkin} son, Braxton. They recently moved from Oregon and we love having them here.



We ended the night by the fire {thanks to Chris, the wood/fire master} watching 1408. Its a thriller, horror film about a haunted hotel. Not my cupa tea, but fitting for the holiday~ It was nice to cozy up in a blanket and watch it together. I borrowed the projector from work and it worked nicely.



Since I had already worn a few costumes that week, I kept it simple with this cute pregnant pumpkin shirt that I found online. We had a great Halloween~ thanks for hosting us and making it a great night mom.




Fall Fun


This October we discovered that Utah is a really fun place to live during the fall. There is so much going on, every day, in all the different towns around us. One Friday night we had nothing to do, so we googled local events and found the Witch Train! We had never ridden the ‘Heber Creeper’ before, so we thought it would be fun to take the pretty drive up Provo Canyon and hop on the train. Plus, I got to dress up as a witch, so that was a plus! I love having an excuse to do fun makeup, especially after being stuck at home all day.

The train was fun and Vivi loved it the whole time. They entertained us during the 90 minute train ride with music, dancing, a costume contest and a witch cackle contest. We also got rootbeer floats and pumpkin cookies. It was dark, so we couldn’t out the windows, which I think would have made the train ride a little more interesting, but we had a good time none the less. I think we will try the Pumpkin Festival next year.

2 4




Our church had a Halloween Party the Saturday before Halloween and it was really fun. We decided {very last minute} to dress up as pirates since we had everything for the costumes. I’m glad we did because everyone loved them and costumes just make Halloween! I made some pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting to share. We also invited my cousin Austin, his wife and son to come as well since they recently moved into our neighborhood.

There were delicious soups and rolls for dinner and tons of different ‘spooky’ desserts. They had a photo booth for us to take pictures and a bunch of little activities for the kids- i.e. face painting, cake walk, fish pond, balloon toss, etc. Our congregation is pretty great and everyone is so kind and has a good time together. I also had another excuse to do my makeup, so I was happy!

3 4





This semester Scott has a class 4 nights a week and sometimes doesn’t come home until 9pm for the day. So, after work my little Vivers and I are on our own a lot! To keep us busy and not lonely at home I try to find things for us to do. One night we went to “Jaker’s Pumpkin Patch” together {it’s free!} and had a great time.

There were horses so pet and look at, which was easily Vivi’s favorite part {Except for when they got even a little bit close to her}. There were a bunch of other animals as well that we loved looking at and taking pictures of.


Vivi got to pick out her own pumpkin and she wished she could take them all home. We have about 10 tiny pumpkins at home that she plays with constantly and delivers them to us, all around the house. We also picked ones out for mommy and daddy and they are permanently called them by their correct names now {depending on size}: Mommy, Daddy, or Baby pumpkins.





A couple days before Halloween, Vivi and I met up with my sister Tiffany {Neeneee!} and mom while Scott was in class and drove south to Santaquin for another visit to the Red Barn. I have raved about it since going last time and wanted to make sure they got to enjoy it too!

It was a beautiful day and before getting on the hay ride we looked around the store at the barn. They have so much fun stuff in there! Ready to bake pies (that you can take home), a cooler full of fresh produce, cider and drinks, packaged goods ranging from honey to chocolate covered cherries, and a bunch of cute boutique stuff. Tiff bought Vivi an adorable little stuffed kitty that she will not put down ever since!

The hay ride to the pumpkin patch was beautiful and we found out it was free pumpkin night!! Since there were only a couple more days of their season, they were giving away all their pumpkins. So, we spent the next hour scouring the patch for perfect pumpkins and gourds to take home. Between us we probably took 10! We officially have our fall decor handled.

We had fun doing all the other little activities at the patch as well. There is a 30 foot slide that Tiff took Vivi down and she loved it. Her first reaction once they got done was “More?!” {sign language included}


After we rode back to the barn we all got some delicious ice cream and picked up the donuts that I had pre-ordered. These are Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cider Donuts and they were amazing! They were only $6 per dozen and I realllly should have bought like 5 dozen to give out instead of making all the other treats I made that week. They were delicious!


We love fall!


Another Veteto Halloween!


My grandparents hosted yet another successful Halloween dinner party for their family~ I love how my mom’s side of the family is always so festive and up for celebrating holidays. Most everyone dressed up, even though it was on a weeknight and we had a great time {here’s a couple of our past parties: here & here}. It is not easy to consistently get a large family together month after month, but my grandparents do it over and over and we are so appreciative. Not everyone can make it every time of course, and we always miss the ones not there. Family is the most important thing in the world and taking the time and effort to spend quality time together is crucial. Plus, we have a lot a fun together!

This year we had a super yummy dinner; homemade soups, breads and salads. A special thanks to my grandma for teaching her daughters how to cook and for those daughters teaching their daughters. Haha but really all the food was so yummy and homemade! There were also a bunch of delicious desserts including a dark chocolate cake, warm pumpkin bread pudding with caramel sauce, pumpkin spice cupcakes and more. It was a fun night and we all ate way too much {or maybe that was just me??}.



After dinner we had a cakewalk and a display of costumes. We didn’t do a contest this year, but we had quite a few winners for sure! My aunt Cindi looked amazing as a “Mother of the Bride Dracula”. And of course my uncle Matt didn’t disappoint as a huge Frankenstein that scared all the little kids. :)

921 18


Donuts on a string was a riot this year. The little kids loved it and as we told them {more like yelled at them} to take a bite they all ended up grabbing the donut with their hands and taking a huge bite out of it {duh, it’s not that hard, mom}!


Tiff ended up winning when her, Cindi and Candice went up against each other. They were brave- it is hard to eat a whole donut without your hands!



                  Until next year Veteto family…Start thinking of your costumes!


Autumn Love


The colors are changing  and the mountains in Utah are gorgeous! The air is cooling and the nights are crisp; life is good. We are loving all things fall and I am trying to take it all in and make the most of it!

Last Friday my mom had the idea to go on a drive through Provo Canyon & take the ‘Alpine Loop’ while my sisters were out of school for Fall Break. Scott was working, so it was just us four girls and sweet Vivi in the middle of the back seat. We loaded in my car and took a drive with multiple stops along the way, enjoying the beauty of the trees.


The yellow was so vibrant and beautiful! We love these quaking aspens and my dad especially loved them. We thought of him and imagined him hunting in them all day long. He loved to hunt and this probably would have been the week for his annual elk hunt.

We stopped for lunch at Sundance Ski Resort and loved exploring the grounds. It is such a beautiful place and it was alive and busy with families there for Fall break. Vivi loved being there and was such a happy girl the whole day. She makes us all so happy with her sweet little smile! She loved looking at the creek and wished she could go play in it.

2 11


My mom treated us to lunch at the Foundry Grill and it was delicious! I ordered the Chicken Caesar Salad, my sisters had burgers and my mom had the Portobello Sandwich. The sweet potato fries were really yummy as well. They had a perfect little ‘deli plate’ for Vivi to snack on {which she actually ate- hurrah!} from their good sized kid’s menu.


We had a really nice time together and Vivi slept all the way home.


Since Scott missed out on the drive, I had him take us up Provo Canyon on Sunday night. We drove up Squaw Peak and watched the very end of the sunset. It was beautiful and lots of other people had the same idea as us so the windy road was pretty busy {at least compared to how dead it usually is}. Our poor little vivers had a cold and wasn’t feeling too good, but she was a good sport for us.

13 14

She is learning how to smile at the camera and it is so fun. I love my little family s0 much. I feel like a lot is going to change when we have another baby and I quit my job, so I am trying to enjoy these precious moments with Vivi as my only babe. She fell asleep on the way down the mountain, but only because I held my hand to her face from the front seat the way she loves.16


And of course, fall nights are not complete without some homemade apple pie!


This is Scott’s favorite dessert and this is only the 2nd time I’ve made it for him. But, I found a simple and super yummy recipe on Pinterest {here}, so now I am not afraid of making pie! I used Jonathan apples for this pie and it was great with a little whipped cream~


Perfect Pumpkins


Sometimes the stars align and you have a perfect night. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it centers you.

The last couple weeks have been very overwhelming for me. My pregnancy hormones have been all over the place, I’ve taken on way too many things and have just been stressed about all the upcoming changes in our lives. Vivi has been sick and Scott has been really busy with work and school. I’ve cried way too much and been saddened that I can’t seem to get things under control. My goal this year has been to simplify my life & focus on my family, yet that seems so impossible most of the time.

But, last night we got a break from all of that when we decided to go to Rowley’s Red Barn in Santaquin. As soon as I got off work, we headed straight there, hoping to pick a pumpkin in the sunlight. We skipped dinner; Vivi ate a granola bar in the car and somehow drenched herself in water from her ‘spill-proof’ sippy. But, she didn’t care, so I let it go even though I was hoping her clothes would look perfect for a photo op or two.

When we arrived, we waited for our turn to take the hayride to the pumpkin patch and Vivi happily waved at all the kids and kept saying HI!, even though most didn’t respond {why don’t people respond..??}. We found seats on the hayride and Vivi just had to sit right next to us like a big girl. It was a beautiful night and pretty perfect temperature as we rode the bumpy trail to the pumpkin patch about a mile away.

2 small

When we arrived Vivi was so excited and kept cheering {as her daddy has taught her} “Pumpkins, Pumpkins!” We even saw a few horses on the way, which she loved. She ran right to the patch to see all the pumpkins and we had a lot of fun walking around and choosing one. It was bumpy so she happily held my hand and we even got some beautiful photos without even trying hard {miracles do happen!} I had to take a work call while walking around, but I didn’t let it bug me. I’m realllly trying to just accept things as they are. Right now I am blessed to work from home; which means I have to take calls & texts most hours of the day, even though I really would like to hit my phone with a sledge hammer instead. But it also means I get to spend more time with my baby girl, so the trade off is worth it.

There were a bunch of other activities for the kids and even for us. Vivi found a sandbox and could have played for hours. After awhile, the sun was setting, so we hopped on the next hayride and went back to the Red Barn for snacks. Vivi didn’t even cry like expected when I took away her shovel and pulled her away from the sandbox. The night felt so easy and smooth. Being out in beautiful Santaquin at this time of year didn’t hurt at all either.


Back at the barn we bought some homemade ice cream and a pumpkin cookie. Vivi was in heaven and so were we. They have their own creamery as well as beautiful produce and all kinds of other yummy goods. The best part was that all we spent for the hayride, pumpkin and treats was $20. We drove home glad we had discovered this little gem of a farm as Vivi kept asking for bites of ice cream, which was always followed by a “nummm nummm!”


Nights like this where I have few distractions from my family and we can really enjoy life together make everything worth it. They remind me of why I do what I do day after day and make me feel like my efforts are making a difference. Although life cannot be perfect, we can make precious memories together that when pieced together can really make you feel like you have the perfect life.



Greatest Grandpa!


Reasons our grandpa is the best:


1. He poses in the funny face-hole posters we make for him:


2. He hangs out with the grandkids and makes us laugh:


3. He takes selfies with us:


4. He plays his harmonica for us & tells us stories:


5. He wears the pretty party hats we make him (even though he probably doesn’t want to):


6. He raised 6 girls! And has never ceased to show his love for them {even during the teenage years…}



Happy  80th Birthday Grandpa!!! WE LOVE YOU!